Playing Around with Processing

These are my notes from when I was playing around with Processing.
Generative Brushes
From the website:
Titled Generative Brushes made by Jason Barles
Tweaked it the first time (Generative_Brushes_2):
Changed background from 0 to 12
There are five (int patt_Size) corresponding to one of the five patterns
Changed patt1Size  from 30 to 10
Changed patt2Size from 30 to 20
Changed patt3Size from 30 to 50
Changed patt5Size from 30 to 1
Changed size of the setup from (800, 600) to (900, 900)
Changed stroke from 255 to 555
Changed fill(color) from (204, 102, 0) to (400, 50, 10)
Most of the differences I saw were in the way the options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, c were arranged on the screen and their outlined boxes as well.
Tweaked it the second time (Generative_Brushes_3):
Returned to original Generative Brushes text
Changed pattern1 the two colors from (204, 102, 0) and (0, 102, 153) to (600, 500, 50) and (302, 20, 60)
For pattern2 changed strokeWeight from 0.2 to 2
For pattern3 changed strokeWeight from 0.5 to 3
Differences much more clearly visible – stroke weights as well as colors!
Link to my tweaked version is:
bubble sketch
From the website:

Titled bubble sketch by Josh Giesbrecht

First tweak (bubble_sketch_1):

Changed background from (255) to (0) which is from white to black
Changed colorMode from HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) to RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
Changed fill(random(50)+10,255,128,50) to fill(random(300)+20,80,13,100) just to see what would happen
Changed ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 75*sin(counter), 75*sin(counter)) to ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 45*sin(counter), 45*sin(counter)) again to see what would happen – I am going to guess that it changes the sizes of the bubbles?
After that first tweak the bubbles are smaller like I predicted and the colors of the bubbles are different as well – they take on these orange and greenish colors on the black background. Not very pretty.
Second tweak (bubble_sketch_2):
Changed the key that clears the screen from being the space bar to the c letter.
Changed ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 75*sin(counter), 75*sin(counter)) to ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 500*cos(counter), 500*cos(counter)) – again I assume this will change the circles, how I’m not sure yet. In addition to this I changed counter from 0 to 10.
Changed size(800, 600) to size(900, 900) – clearly this will change the size of the screen on which the little bubbles wander around on.
Changed the colorMode from HSB to the RGB mode again.
Looks terrible. There are HUGE green bubbles on a white background and a bigger white background than the original, I definitely prefer the first tweaking job I did instead of this one.
Posted the first tweak instead because it’s nicer looking.
Rotation Recurtion Tree
From website:

Labeled Rotation Recurtion Tree for_yvonne51

Another tweaking of someone else’s work (this one is one belonging to ArtBotHack) so that I can try to understand Processing.

First tweak (Rotation_Recurtion_Tree_1):
Changed float theta =random(0, 6.289) to float theta =random(0, 3.14)
Changed  size(600, 600) to size(900, 900)
Background from 50 to 0 (changes to black)
Changed h *= 0.7 to h *= 0.2
Differences are the the rotating tree is much much smaller than before, makes it look funny on the bigger screen. It continues to rotate but it definitely isn’t as complicated as it once was. And also the background is now black like I originally said it would be after changing it from 50 to 0.
Tweak 2 (Rotation_Recurtion_Tree_2):
Using Rotation_Recurtion_Tree_1 as the starting point.
Changed float theta =random(0, 3.14) to float theta =random(0, 9.439)
Changed h *= 0.2 to h *= 1.7
Changed branch(130) to branch(500)
After saving and running it all there seems to be is a long white line on the screen, I don’t see any rotation. So now both the first and second tweaks resulted in really drastic changes, not at all complex the way the original is. Perhaps it’s all the math involved in this one  – pi, pi/2. It’s all very complicated. Going to complicated ones before understanding simpler ones probably isn’t the way I should be approaching Processing. Going to try a third tweak from the original one and see what happens.
Tweak 3 (Rotation_Recurtion_Tree_3):
Changed background to black
Changed stroke(250, 100) to stroke(500, 50)
Changed rotate(PI/2) to rotate(PI/2.2)
Now it has changed. Not the prettiest thing, definitely not pretty like the original.
Link to Rotation_Recurtion_Tree_3:
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