Hey! my name is Josephine and I am fashion student that also loves graphic and user interface designs. I am excited to learn creative computing because of the cool things I’ve seen produced by programming. I hope to achieve some level of familiarity in reading and writing code so that in the future I can create a cool original online portfolio.
For my tweaks below, I was mainly inspired by lines and shape playing around with the basics and see I can make with it.


First variation:
1.Background (50) = dark grey color
2. Stroke to (150,75,30)= orange color, stroke and background number has to be different in order to see the design. Co-ordinates corresponds to RGB points.
3. Rotate (PI/4)= shows each layer rotation is done in multiples of (pi/4)degrees or 45 degrees as a starting point.
4. Branch (180)= each layer has a branch measuring 180 degrees.
Original: http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/108420


Second Variation:
1. (float x=300; float y= 300)= change the dimensions
2. void setup (background (#99FF00))= change the color to green when the screen first appear
3. void mousePressed background (#7D26CD) = change the background color to purple once you click the mouse to make a new shape.
Original: http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/109486