Ji : Hello!

Hi, my name is Ji. I am a sophomore in Communication Design. I came the United States five years ago from South Korea and lived in Maryland before I came here.I didn’t know anything about this class before, but I’m excited to learn about coding in this class since I feel like it is a basic and important knowledge to have in order to be a professional graphic designer.


First variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.44.52


I changed the size of the frame and some numbers that I actually don’t know what changes they make.


Second variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.42.32


I changed the size of the frame itself and increased the number of the circles from three to five. And also changed the colors by not knowing what color that numbers are.


Third variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.43.07


This is an arm that moves up and down. I changed the size and thickness of the arm and positioned at the center.