The magnetic willy guy that you draw hair on



Remember those little plastic games that had the tiny magnetic dust that you could use to cover some dude’s face using a magnetic pen that would push the dust around? Well I wanted to combine both assignments by making a sketch that allows you to draw on the willy guy. It was tricky to get the image in the setup instead of the draw so that processing wouldn’t re-draw the image every time you “drew” the “hair”. Turns out you have to ask processing to load the image before you start running the program, or something to that accord.

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My name is Rick, its a actually not short for anything–it literally just says “Rick Rodriguez” on my birth certificate. I grew up in California, near L.A. and spent the majority of my life there. I am a sophmore in CD and I personally love textures. Textures of wood, concrete, plaster, and anything that is chaotic up close, but uniform all together.