Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.37.40

So, this is the word map where you can draw according to the colour of the pixel in the image.




My initial ideas were;


1. Showing different names of continents when mouses moves

2. Zooming in to a specific region and zooming out.


However, I was not able to figure this out. So, the outcome of the sketch does not seem as interesting as I thought. But, I think it is alright to fail sometimes…



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Hi, I am Yerang. I am originally from South Korea but lived the past 4 years in India before moving to New York. Coding only exists for tumblr to me and I know very little about it. To be honesty, I was not excited for spending hours and hours in front of computer like a nerd, but I am now have excitement for creating fantastic things in this class.