Midterm Progress and Proposal Review

Today we are going to have one on one meetings to discuss your progress in the class so far, and your proposals for the midterm project due next week.

During the midterm review we will look through your blog portfolios and discuss your assignments. Most of you are in great standing! And those of you that are lagging behind need to post your work as soon as possible. All of you are required to have a portrait image on your profile and an introductory post.** The rest of posts that you should have so far are:

  1. Introduction and Profile Photo**
  2. Modifying a Sketch
  3. Drawing with Code
  4. Importing Images and Drawing tool
  5. For loops

If you are missing some of these assignments we will have technical meetings with Bernardo today. He will help all who have technical questions about midterm projects and/or reviewing incomplete assignments. If you miss these meetings you are responsible for rescheduling a meeting about your midterm progress.

See you soon!



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