Project Proposal

The final project with Arduino is ‘LED lights responding to sounds’. When I was learning programming, I was impressed by a project used algorithm. In the project, you would see different lines, colours that were responsive to sounds on a monitor. With the concept of responding to sounds, I want to use it in my Arduino project. (so that I can display a cool light show in my room?)

Things to consider:

Rhythm, Pitch, Beat

Number of lights


The music:

Happy by Pharrell Williams







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About yerangchoi

Hi, I am Yerang. I am originally from South Korea but lived the past 4 years in India before moving to New York. Coding only exists for tumblr to me and I know very little about it. To be honesty, I was not excited for spending hours and hours in front of computer like a nerd, but I am now have excitement for creating fantastic things in this class.