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Hi! This is Jae







Hi guys! My name is Jae. I was born in Korea and first came to the states in 1999. I attended two years of middle school, and went back to Korea for a year and a half. I came back to states in 2003. I graduated from high school(2007) in Houston, TX and came to New York that summer to attend Pratt Institute. I served in the army for two years during 2009-2011, and came back to NYC, and made a transfer to Parsons. I am currently a sophomore and what I want to take from this class is a lot of practice and creativity. I am looking forward to be an expert with the computer and design itself.

1. First Variation


1. I played around with the size. I made it to be 500×500

2. background to 100

3.change of a color. played around with orange


2. Second Variation


1. I changed the minute dots. made them thicker

stroke weight of 10

2. changed both hour hand and minute hand.

set both of them to 6

3. Third Variartion


1. changed the size to 500×360

2. changed the background to 100 to minimize the black

3. changed the stroke to 300