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Ji : Final Proposal

For the final project, I want to make a lamp for my bedroom.

Using LED lights, It automatically turns on when it is dark, and turns off when it is bright.

I was inspired by this image below.


Ji : Drawing with code

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.38.36 PM

Here is my drawing that I made with ellipses and lines. I wanted to make a simple drawing with only lines and circles, so I decided to draw a sky with bubbles and rain. I like the color in the background and the transparency of the bubbles. However, a problem on this sketch is that I cannot see the blue background after I uploaded on OpenProcessing. It only shows bubbles in white background..

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Ji : for loops



I chose that image with bubble, since my last drawing was bubbles on the sky. I combined the image with the pixelation with for loop which draws black lines over the image when you move your mouse.
I wanted to draw some bubbles on the images when you click, but didn’t know how to make them stay on the image. So I just made it show blue color while mouse is pressed to indicate that as bubble.

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Ji : Drawing tool & Importing an image


1. Drawing tool

스크린샷 2013-10-02 오후 9.29.58

For my drawing tool, I used triangles on white background. Originally I tried to make the color change from yellow to purple and it was working on Java. but after export and uploading, the color changed like that which looks nice and fancy. I like that colorful drawing that I got unintentionally more than original one!

2. Image

스크린샷 2013-10-02 오후 9.30.14

I imported just a random image form my laptop, and this photo was taken at Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC where I went last summer.

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Ji : Hello!

Hi, my name is Ji. I am a sophomore in Communication Design. I came the United States five years ago from South Korea and lived in Maryland before I came here.I didn’t know anything about this class before, but I’m excited to learn about coding in this class since I feel like it is a basic and important knowledge to have in order to be a professional graphic designer.


First variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.44.52

I changed the size of the frame and some numbers that I actually don’t know what changes they make.


Second variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.42.32

I changed the size of the frame itself and increased the number of the circles from three to five. And also changed the colors by not knowing what color that numbers are.


Third variation


스크린샷 2013-09-17 오전 12.43.07

This is an arm that moves up and down. I changed the size and thickness of the arm and positioned at the center.