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Hey! My name Is McLayne Ycmat, I’m 19 years old, and I moved here last year from a small town in Utah. I’m currently majoring in communication design, but with a strong emphasis on fashion. Someday I hope to help young designers brand their lines so their print media matches the aesthetic of their clothing. I’m excited to learn more about processing because design is rapidly changing to digital formats and I feel it is important for me to keep up and be able to work in different mediums so I am well equipped with multiple facets when I’m ready to be employed.

Marius Watz – “Prime”

The project I found fascinating was this installation by Marius Watts. Commissioned by Bergen Municipality for the launch of the Bybanen light rail, six clusters, like the one showed above, were spaced throughout the new tunnel for passengers to enjoy as the rode the rail. The most interesting thing about the project is that the lights are connected to a timing mechanism that bases itself off of prime numbers so the pattern is constantly changing and always unpredictable.