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About taylorrusso

Haiii everyone, I’m Taylor! (obviously) I was born and raised in dirty jersey, although in Ringoes, where I lived, it’s anything but dirty. I grew up in a farm area with all the typical farm animals you could imagine. I’m 19, sophomore, and CD major. I’m really excited for this class because this is not what I was expecting at all. Like I said in class, I hope to become one of those nerds that they filmed in the Social Network, sitting in the computer, typing out ridiculous computer jawn.


So for my final project, I wanted to combine a psychical aspect along with lighting and sound. What I would like to do is to create a little toy that when first looked upon it looks like a nice little boy, but then when you press it, scary music goes off and a light inside of the toy will reveal a scary  face.

My inspiration is the mayor from A Nightmare before Christmas

also this is the music I want to recreate: